Monday, May 9, 2011

Maybe I should listen to myself.

After writing that blog last week about holding yourself accountable when you ,make plans to change your eating and exercise habits I blew it. I ate horribly and blew off exercise. There really wasn't any reason for it other than I just didn't want to. How sad is that? I wish I had a good reason, like I was on vacation or I was sick or something but no, my only excuse is that I let myself fall back into my old bad habits.

So I guess my make-up day today isn't so much a make-up as it is a re-start. Back to the habits that I want to form instead of the habits that I want to stop. The funny thing about my jumping off the healthy train is that I actually didn't like any of the things that I was eating. While I was eating the cookies I kept thinking that they were too sweet and not as good as usual. While I was scarfing the chips I kept thinking that they were not nearly as good as I remembered. Did that stop me? Nope. Yeah, I think that makes it all the more pathetic.

Starting today I will get back to the kind of living that I enjoy, with good foods full of fresh veggies and lots of exercise. Hopefully it will help to pull me out of my grumpy mood too.