Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hello sunshines! How is everyone today.

Things are going well here at the Diva-in-Training house. The kids are learning, the laundry is going, the dishes aren't piled anywhere all in all we have success so far. I think that the major thing I have learned while trying to become that "perfect" wife is that keeping on top of things is better than letting them go and doing one big job. If I take the 5 min to wipe down the counters and do the dishes while I am making dinner, the after dinner clean up is a breeze. Little things that you don't think will help really do help a lot.

The girls are doing great. I am so amazed at how smart they both are. I sometimes hate to brag about them, I worry that people will think that I am making things up, or holding them to standards that they can't live up to. In reality I feel like I am not doing enough to keep up with how much they are capable of learning. So my project for next week is to really get some plans in place for school here at home.

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