Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bloggity, blog, blog, blog

I am not sure why I am writing this now, I should be waiting until I hear from the hubby. I am a little stressed out today. He is going before the Med board right now to see if they will clear him to go back to full regular active duty after his ankle surgery or if they are going to start the proceedings to kick him out. I know that he is capable of going back to work, and I know that he wants to. It just worries me that he is even having to go through this. Hopefully this is nothing more than a routine walk in and walk out with a full medical clearance to work.

Other than that we are not doing much right now which is amazing. We have had family visiting us for what seems like forever in reality it was only a few weeks, but it is amazing how much that will throw you off. The little dog is gone. My brother took him back. And even though I miss him I am also really glad to have him gone, he was turning into a terror with his chewing every toy that the girls put on the floor for more than 2 seconds. I am getting things cleaned up and put away the way that I want them to be and just enjoying getting back into the routine that works best for me and the girls, not me, the girls, and whoever is staying here.

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  1. I am loving the blog. I really need to join you in this Diva in training, because right now I am more of a train wreck than anything! I think I have forgotten who I am and what my goals are, and focus every ounce of energy into everyone else. you know!?


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