Thursday, March 18, 2010

Homemade Hummus.

Yes I know that there are a million recipes for Hummus out there floating around, but since it is a favorite around our house and I make it differently than most people I figured I would share mine.
Please ignore the dent in the right side, the girls couldn't wait and started eating before I got the camera out, as you can see this is a winner at our house even with my ultra picky kids.


1 can organic garbanzo beans.
1/2 lemon for juicing
Olive Oil (I like to use the light)
Garlic salt
Southwestern seasoning.

1) Drain and Rinse Garbanzo beans. Place in food processor or blender. Add fresh lemon juice (I like to first juice the lemon into another container and remove the seeds) you should get approx 2T. Add 1/4 c Olive oil.

2) Pulse in blender/processor until the mixture is thick and not moving much (don't burn out your motor). Add 1 t garlic salt and 1t southwest seasoning (without salt, I use Pampered Chef). Also add another 1/4 c olive oil. Pulse or blend until mostly smooth.

3) Scrape down the sides add a second teaspoon of southwestern seasoning to taste. Also add olive oil if need be. Blend again until the mixture is smooth, about the texture of re-fried beans.

DD's notes: These measurements are not exact, watch your mixture and your machine, taste frequently, be involved in what you cook.

You can use any seasoning mix that you enjoy, I have used Italian, Asian, and Curry all with good results.
The flavors will intensify with storage, so if you are making this ahead of time under season and it should be good, you can always mix more spice in last minute, you can never take it out.

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