Thursday, September 9, 2010

Working out....aka.Bringing it.

It's time for P90X round 2 (or as a friend pointed out P180X) I am so excited to do this another time, and that is so strange. I have never been an active or athletic person, ever. I was always the kid in PE who came up with some mysterious illness in order to avoid running the mile or playing anything too active. I made an art of avoiding activity, it was a skill, one that I am not proud of anymore.

After my first child was born I decided that I needed to start looking into my diet (which was horrid) and fitness and make some changes. Since then I have tried a huge variety of workout regimes including hiring a personal trainer. They all helped some, but none were as effective or as enjoyable as P90X. There is something very fulfilling about accomplishing something so difficult, and seeing the changes in my body.

I will admit I didn't give round 1 110%, heck I barely gave it 80% if you averaged the effort out. When you look at my past 80% is a huge improvement, but it isn't good enough. Not for me. So I am starting round 2 with a commitment to give it 110%, I can't wait to see how it all ends.

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