Friday, December 17, 2010

And yes, I'm a sap.

It's Christmas and with it comes all of the wonderful things that people do for others. I love to see how people are when they are feeling loving and generous. I love that in our house we have a tradition of donation and charity. I love that the Christmas spirit seems to bring out the best in everyone.

This year I had the privilege to watch my girls give more than half of their toys away to charity. When they went back to their room with their Daddy to sort through things I thought that we might get rid of a few things, especially since we don't have huge amounts of toys to begin with. When they were done and called me back I was shocked to see that the give away pile was the same size as the keep pile. They girls had voluntarily given away half of their belongings. I have such amazing children and it made me cry.

Yes, I'm a sap and I cry at everything, but Christmas seems to make it happen more. I seem to be wiping tears from my eyes at least 20 times a day. Seeing the Airmen in front of Wal-Mart collecting toys makes me tear up, watching TV shows makes me tear up, picking out my Angel Tree gift makes me tear up. I'm hopeless and I love it.

In a season that seems to be more and more about getting and excess. I am thankful to have these small reminders that people aren't all about what they can get and how much they can spend. I love the reminders that people are caring and thoughtful and loving when it comes to their neighbors both far and near.

So here's to Christmas and everyone starting their own traditions of generosity.

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