Sunday, May 5, 2013

Super Summer Summit - the start of a plan

When I start blogging again after a long time off I always feel the need to explain why and offer excuses, so this time I won't. Life happened, I got busy and had nothing to talk about, so there it is.

Anyway, to get to the real purpose of this post. I am really excited about getting ready for this summer. Summer Vacation ahhhhh it has such an amazing sound to it, especially now that I am teaching again. I think that having some time off to recharge and prepare is good for everyone, students and teachers. However, I also know that kids forget, a lot, I mean massive amounts of things over the summer, so being the over achieving mother that I am I will be making lesson plans for my children over the summer. I know, I know, that's not the point, but I promise I'm not going overboard, it will be fun! And not too much of that boring learning type stuff.

To start this project off I am making an outline, I love outlines, they are almost as awesome as checklists, and I really love checklists. But, I digress, back on subject, outlines. Did I want to just have a lot of ideas and go where the summer sends me or do I want to keep a little structure in the day. To answer this question the girlies and I had a summer summit. Well actually we sat down on the couch and after a lot of tickling and giggling I asked them some really deep questions.

Me - "So Girls, do you want to do learning stuff this summer?"
AJ - "Yeah!"
P-nut - "Yeah!, jinx, you owe me a soda sister!"
Me - "Ok, sounds good, what kinds of things do you want to do?"
P-nut - "Art"
AJ - "Cooking"
P-nut - "Science"
Me - "Sounds good." (about to start walking away, thnking the summit was over)
AJ - "Mama, wait, we need a schedule!"
Me - "A schedule?!?"
P-nut - "Yeah like Art on Mondays and always do art on the Mondays, but we can sometimes do art on other days but we would know on Mondays was super fun art days."

And so the outline was born. Here is as far as I am now, but never fear, summer is still weeks away, I've got plenty of time to get this all together, plenty!

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