Monday, January 5, 2009

Let's start at the very beginning.......

The most important thing to have is a plan. The plan might not work, in fact the plan might fail miserably, but at least you went into things with an idea of where you wanted to come out of them. So I figure today is the day to start with a plan.

First of all I have been using the FLYlady method of house keeping for the last year and it has worked wonders. However I have decided that for me I need to do some basic alterations. If you want to check out the original look here.

I have decided that I will line out goals, daily, weekly, monthly, etc. I need to see where I am going, and have a marker for how far I have come. One thing that I do want to stress is that it is no use making goals if they are unrealistic. It is one thing to say that I want to get in shape this year, it is another to say that I want to lose 7lbs a week. (at least at my weight it is) So realistic goals is the important thing.

Am I going to share all of these goals? Nope. I don't want them to influence the goals that you set for yourself. Everyone has a different view of what their ideal life would look, and what is the most important thing for them to accomplish. If you go into an organization plan trying to use someone else's goals, that were set to fit someone else's life you are destined to fail before you even start.

Have a great day, and happy planning.

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