Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tuesday... Cleaning... Blogging

I should be cleaning right now. I told myself I would clean today. I told my husband I would clean today. I even had a whole plan on what I wanted to clean today. However, I am not cleaning today. Nope, after all of that thought, planning, and big talk I am back on the computer playing stupid Facebook games instead of cleaning. Oops. Then when I ran out of things to clean, build, and farm in my settlements, and cities I came here to blog. Yup, I'm on a roll today.

I find in ironic that I started a blog to track my ability to be that domestic goddess and now I am using that blog to avoid housework. Yup, I'm skilled like that. In my defence the house isn't bad, the kids are dressed almost picture perfect. I just have no motivation today.

Ok, I'm off, and going to put the folded laundry away. Really, I promise, unless something else that needs to be done comes up, like I get sucked into Bejewled.

Happy Tuesday!

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