Thursday, March 10, 2011

I now dub thee, Diva Days of the Week.

I have decided that I want to have some sort of fun challenge in place for each day of the week, both for me and for you. I think I will also do weekly and monthly challenges, but let's just start out with the small things that we can do one day at a time. So here's the list.

Sunday - Spiritual Sunday, spend some time this day nurturing your spiritual side. While I hope that you will go to a church and experience God's amazing love for you, I understand if that isn't your personal belief system, so do what centers you. (also if you happen to celebrate on a different day, Saturday for example, please just switch the days)

Monday - Make-up Monday, if you are like me there are always chores that get purposefully ignored over the weekend. Take a few minutes to get them back into order.

Tuesday - Take a picture Tuesday, find something that makes you smile or makes you think to take a picture of today. A child, a flower, your sink that's clean for the first time in 3 weeks. Whatever you are thinking about today share it in picture form.

Wednesday - Write it out Wednesday, It seems like in the world of e-mail, text, Facebook, and twitter we rarely send cards or letters any more. Take the time on Wednesday to write a real note or letter to someone. Give your friends and family a happy surprise in their mailbox to go with all of the bills and junk.

Thursday - Think Ahead Thursday, use today to dream and plan. Sometimes we all get so absorbed in the now of it all that we forget to take time to plan and dream. They can be little or big, immediate or long term. They don't have to be practical all of the time, just allow yourself to dream.

Friday - Fun Friday! Do something fun for you, your family or your friends today. Go fly a kite, play soccer or Frisbee, have a gourmet meal or fun cocktail party. Do something to help you unwind after a long week and just have fun!

Saturday - Sharing Saturday, this one is a little vague, but I feel like it has a lot of potential. Share something today, your time, your talents, your stuff. Take donations to Salvation Army, go serve in a soup kitchen, help your neighbor weed their yard, give a freezer meal to a friend who needs a little extra help.

I know that you might not get to all of these each week, but try. I will be trying and sharing each one with you as I do them, and please share with me what you do.


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