Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge -

1. What reveals more about a woman-her refrigerator or her purse? It depends on who you ask. I have an Internet friend who is a chef and is fridge obsessed. She love pictures of peoples fridges. Strange but true. I would say that a purse reveals more about the woman as an individual and her fridge about her and her family.

2. When was the last time you went to the zoo? Where? What's your favorite zoo animal? The zoo here in Sin City makes me cry so we haven't been in a while. We went 2-4 times last summer when we were visiting the in-laws and I loved it, my favorite zoo animal will always be the tigers. I love them, they were my teenage obsession. So powerful and beautiful.

3. What social issue fires you up? So many things so little time. I am not a person to sit and watch the world go by me when I feel like there is something that I can do to change it. However I have learned that there is a time and a place to air those issues so I don't talk about them with very many people. Right at this moment the issue that is at the forefront of my mind is the schools and how so many states (the one I am in especially) see them as an easy place to cut the budget when they need money.

4. Are you a coupon clipper? If so, are you extreme?  Sometimes, and no. I have thought about it, but it comes down to the fact that I don't want to be forced to by a product that I wouldn't use in general just because it is on sale. I won't dedicate storage area in my house for my "deals" it is too much like hoarding to me. I will however use coupons if they are present for a product that I would be buying already.
5. What is one of your favorite souvenirs brought back from your travels? AJ, my little British baby. :-) and my husband. I met my husband when I was teaching at a DoDDS school in England and we married and my first baby was born there. So no matter what else I get when I travel anywhere, they are definitely my favorite souvenirs.

6. Lemon meringue or key lime? This is an unfair question. I love both. I am a HUGE fan of desserts that contain sour citrus, lemon, lime and grapefruit. Oddly enough I don't like orange at all. If I had to choose I would choose lemon meringue. But really that might be different tomorrow.

7. What is the most beautiful word you know in any language? For the longest time while I was growing up I wanted to name my daughter Taesha (tay-shuh) which is the Hebrew word for the number 9. I loved the way it sounded. Strange but true.

8. Insert your own random thought here. I haven't blogged in a while. I have been having a pile of strange and bad things happen. It has been exhausting to me. So sorry to everyone who was waiting for a new and amazing recipe to try. I do have one, but I forgot to take pictures, so I'll make it again and take some soon. It is a Weight Watchers recipe for homemade pot stickers that is AMAZING. Well if you love pot stickers it is.

I have had an allergic reaction to a medication I was prescribed. So I have hives everywhere, I literally itch on every inch of my skin, including on the insides of my eyelids. I went in yesterday and was given a huge dose of steroids to try and counteract the reaction until the meds are out of my system. So hopefully that works. However I found out last night that when I work out and raise my heart rate I have problems with blacking out, so no more Zumba for me at least for the rest of the week. I am just really frustrated and annoyed. The steroids also make me really emotional. Yippie. :-/


  1. Oh dear...hope you feel better soon! Sounds miserable.

    Every time I come here I get the urge to go plant pansies. I intend to if it ever quits raining.

  2. Oh my friend - I am so sorry, that sounds just miserable! Will say extra prayers for you... Hang in there my friend!

  3. We're experiencing the same problem here in Texas - they've cut the budget - hitting the schools first, of course. Then every day I hear about stupid project the city is spending money on. It hits me doubly 'cause my oldest daughter is a teacher. I just don't understand how politicians think.

  4. I hope you feel better soon. It's no fun dealing with the side-effects of medication. Try to keep smiling :)

  5. Hope you feel much better soon! And I think your souvenirs win the prize.


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