Friday, June 10, 2011

First Day of Summer

Well here it is at least. Today is the first day that AJ will be out of school for the summer. According to her we have exactly 104 days of summer vacation. This isn't a number she choose because she counted, or someone told her. No it is because that is the number of days that the Phineus and Ferb song uses, so it must be true. If you haven't had the pleasure of watching Phineus and Ferb, here is the song for you.

I am excited for summer vacation this year because I have a lot of fun things planned for the girls including many inside activities. Wait, what's that, inside activities? Yes, you heard right. In case you didn't know we live in a desert. A so hot it will burn your toes through your sneakers if you step on the asphalt kind of desert. In less than a month we will be experiencing temperatures well about 110 and possibly above 120. So summer isn't the time for a lot of outdoor activities. We will however be making full use of any water we have available, for backyard sprinkler running, splash-pad playing and of course swimming. We are stocked up on sun screen and swimsuits.

So as we get ready I have been eagerly perusing the Internet for fun activities for kids to do indoors. I have also been talking with a neighbor that sells Usborne books and I have found a million things that I want to order from her. Ok, well maybe not a million but certainly a thousand. They have these amazing science sets that help you to teach basics science to young children which is great. They also have all sorts of how to books, and history books. My biggest problem will be choosing just a few.

I will be sharing all of my finds and fun with you, and my oopses too.  I hope that you see something that inspires you, even if you don't have kids, to make the most of summer. No matter ho many days it actually is.



  1. We love Usborne books! (I think I had my first Usborne party before Caleb was even born!) I also rely on Family Fun magazine and website for tons of ideas during the summer months! Hope we get to see you when we are in town on Monday! :-)

  2. You are on my calender so that whenever you get in and have time to see us we will be available. Just let me know what is easiest for you when you get in.


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