Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Classics

I am a reader. I really absolutely love to read. I could go without tv, movies, internet and phone, but I would go absolutely crazy without my books. I read constantly and quickly so as a result of that my reading tastes are eclectic to say the least. I read mystery, romance ( although I am not a fan of too much smut), comedy, classics, history both fictional and non fictional, just about everything but sci-fi. I also tend to read each of my books multiple times to save money.

This summer I have decided to read classics. I have been neglecting them for a while in favor of Sookie (the Vampire series by C. Harris) so I feel like it is time to get back to them. Another reason I choose to go back to classics is that they are free or close to it through my Nook. I have been perusing the free and discounted titles and stocking up. As of right now I have more than 50 titles stocked up.

I have started with a book that I haven't read for more than 15 years. Little Women. I am loving it actually. It is amazing how much more enjoyable these books are now that I am reading them for fun. I'll keep you updated on my progress through the summer.

Something to talk about: What's your favorite classic? Why should I add it to my list?

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  1. Random Harvest was a novel written in the 1940's by James Hilton. It is my favorite book - a little war history, romance, suspense.

    I love Pride and Prejudice! Even though it's huge it's a compelling read.

    I also love Gone with the Wind and enjoyed the book. I thought it expanded the charater of Miss Melanie, but the movie did hit all the highlights.

    Besides the Classics, have you ever read any of Debbie Macomber books? Love her. Quick, great characters, good action. I'm reading one of the Deliverance Company books right now (that's a series), but I've read a couple of her other series via library books.

    Keep us up on what you read and share your recommendations, please.


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