Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summery Hodgpodgyness

1. Summer's here-whoohoo! What's your favorite sight, sound, AND smell associated with summer? I am not a summer person, and living here in the land of heat and tourists I have come to dislike it even more. I know that I am totally not in the majority opinion here so I will try to find things I like about it, just for you all. I will say that I love seeing happy children playing, and laughing. My favorite summer smell would be the grill.

2. Fireflies or lightning bugs...what are they called in your neck of the woods? They are called non-existent. There were no fireflies in my hometown and there are none where we live now.

3. What is something from the past week that reminded you of your childhood? Watching my girls stage an original performance with all of their dolls.

4. Define 'the good life'.  Living full of hope and love, surrounded by people who love you and knowing that God loves you.

5. Tell us what we'd see if you took a snapshot of your desk/work space? Right now. A camera, my husbands History book for the class he is taking, an issue of Real Simple, water and fat free refried beans with salsa.

6. Peaches or watermelon...yes, you have to choose. When we lived in the South, peaches without question. Here in this oasis of sin and debauchery, watermelon.

7. Ever been skinny dippin'? Is that too much for the Wednesday Hodgepodge? Rest assured we won't need details...unless of course you feel you must but remember, this is a family friendly blog so keep it G rated. Nope, I never had the opportunity, I never lived near water.

8. Insert your own random thought here. I realize I sound very much so like a Debbie Downer in this Hodgepodge, I really am just not a summer person, and I am not a Las Vegas person, and summer in Las Vegas, well it brings out the grump in me. Sorry.


  1. Oh it's ok to be a 'debbie downer', I'm not too fond of summer either, it's way too hot so I complain about the heat more than enough.

    We don't have lightning bugs here either (here being Montreal Canada) unless I just haven't seen them. I'd run from them anyway since they are BUGS after all.

    Must be awsome to watch your girls and their dolls perform. Too cute!

    Nice to meet you! :-)

  2. I guess it's hard to go skinny dipping in the desert...unless you decide to go public and do it in one of the massive fountains on the strip!! Lol :))

  3. Well, in your defense it is pretty stinkin' hot in LV in summertime! And no lightning bugs either-boo.

    Funny to think there are not lightning bugs everywhere...I guess I assumed they were all across the country.

    Enjoy your air conditioning!

  4. Las Vegas is not for everyone that is for sure. I can't imagine living there in the summer...your not debbie downer it's desert living...it's hot!

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. I bet it get really hot in Vegas in the Summer. Plus everyone being there can't be fun. Watermelon is a must.. Have a great day..

  6. Summer is a bummer. :) I'm much more of a cool weather girl myself. Can't imagine how hot it is in Las Vegas. Eck!

    All my girls are past the doll performances, but what a sweet memory!

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