Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thoughtful, Tearful Hodgepodge

1. What gives you goosebumps?

An amazing piece of music. There is something about the way a complex chord sounds when sung by an amazing choir that will give me goosebumps no matter what. This song is one of my favorites for that purpose it is beautiful and powerful and the bass' part makes me shiver.

2. Halloween-are you a lover or a hater? Okay, that sounds harsh...Halloween-yay or nay?

Honestly, I'm ambivalent. I grew up in a house where we didn't celebrate Halloween, and I didn't miss it or feel like there was something wrong with not being a part of it. My husband loves it so our girls celebrate, but it isn't something I care too much about one way or the other. If he didn't love it so much I probably wouldn't bother.

3. Can you respect someone you do not trust, and can you trust someone you do not respect?

Yes, I can respect someone I do not trust. I feel like respect is a decision you make about a person where as trust is something that is more emotional and long term. I respect people in authority over me, but I weigh what they say and make my own decisions based on what is best for me and not what they say. When I trust someone it means that I don't question what they say or their motives.

4. Apples or oranges? Yes, you have to choose.

Apples absolutely. I love to eat apples; fresh, cooked, whatever. Oranges I like but not that much.

5. What is something you wish was in your town? (shop, restaurant, attraction, etc)

Chick-Fil-A I went from Georgia where there was one on every corner to Las Vegas where the nearest one is 5 hours away. I actually have asked my brother to pick some up on his way out of town to bring me when he visits.

6. What non-food item is in your refrigerator or freezer?

An adorable set of Super Hero glasses we have chilling for beer. About 8 ice bags for my husbands recent surgeries. And alcohol that has been left at our house when people PCS.

7. Are you at all superstitious?

Nope, I can never remember what most of them are anyway.
8. Insert your own random thought here.

This came across my Facebook newsfeed today. It is moving and so true so I thought I would share.

Military Man's Promise: I cannot promise you every night of my life. I cannot promise to be beside you for every difficult moment, every trial, and every hardship. In truth, I can promise you that I will not be with you for most. I will leave you at inconvenient times. Any special date to us may be tainted with the anniversary of the death of one of my friends. I will ask you to take over whatever life we have built together for months and years at a time. And will then crash back into that life that you have used your sweat, your tears and your heartache to keep together, and try to take it back as I knew it before. I will shut you out at times because it will be the best way for me to hold it together at that moment. I will lie to you. I will tell you I don't know things when I do. I will not always tell you where I am going, when I will be back, or who I am with. I may not call you for weeks and months and you will not be able to call me. You will ask questions that I won't answer. You will know answers to questions that you will hope you never need. I will share things with my brothers that you will never understand. They will know things about me that you never will. They will be a support to me in some things that you cannot be. I will miss birthdays. I will miss anniversaries. I may need time to process things that seem natural to everyone else. It will seem that someone - or something - will always take precedence over you. You may lose me long before you ever thought possible. I will uproot you and ask you to re-establish our family anywhere in the world, in any season, at any time - over and over again. Sand and mud will be tracked through your halls from the boots I am too tired to take off. I will leave you when you beg me not to. I will stand at attention while you cry beside me. I will not turn my head and I will walk away. I will knowingly break your heart. And I will do it again - and again. I cannot promise you all of me. I cannot promise you much of anything. But if you will have me, I can promise that as I march away from you, it is not without sharing your heartache. I promise you that every time I break your heart I will be breaking mine. Every time that I cannot answer you I will be protecting you. Whenever you want to call and you have no number to dial, I will be wanting to do the same. I will protect everything that we have created together with every fiber of my being while you do the same back at home. I will honor you in everything - every moment that we are apart and every moment that I am with you. I will fight harder and push further knowing that I do so for you. And I will carry you with me in everything, until my sandy boots once again sit just inside our door.


  1. OH HOW I LOVE Chick-Fil-A!!! Our nearest one is about 80 miles away. I too have had someone traveling past one bring me back something (nuggets!! waffle fries!!! I'd ask for a shake, but they melt!).
    And I agree on the music thing ... I was going to mention that in my HodgePodge but didn't. I love to hear the Hallelujah Chorus sung by a choir - and my husband sings bass, so I love that reallly low blend too!!! Loved the choice of song you added - as a former military spouse, I definitely appreciate that!

  2. Ooo! I love Chick-Fil-A too! I enjoyed reading your answers. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!

  3. We always get alchol and odd cleaning supplies when people pcs... oh and candles...lol

  4. Your wanting a Chik Fil A sounds like me and Jack in the Box. I love their burgers---I went as far as emailing the parent company and telling them the need to have one in Corpus...the closest one was in Rosenberg, Texas...about 200 miles away. Well, they ended up building one here...in fact 4!! Now I have J in the Box whenever I want. LOL

    My HODGEPODGE Link Do come by if you can find time.

  5. Chick-fil-a makes my list too. The closest one is two hours away in the town where my mom lives so we always have it when we're there. But that isn't often enouogh.

    Loved that random thought!

  6. I've never eaten at Chick-fil-A... We don't have one. But I want to try it!

  7. Chick-fil-A is really good. We have at least three in town, I can think of. The Military Man's Promise is touching!

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  8. The "Hearts of the Children" is a surely goose bump worthy! I love Chil-fil-A, but they use peanut oil to fry. Not good for peanut allergy sufferers like my grandson.

  9. Thanks for the visit. Interesting view you have re the separation of respect and trust....it's feasible of course


  10. I have never had Chil-fil-A. We don't have them in NJ. Hope you have a good week.

    kimberly's korner

  11. Your random thought is also true for police officer's and there families. We don't have a Chick-fil-A either. We are too far north - North of everything apparently because we don't even have a super Walmart!!!!

  12. I LOVED the song you posted...I got goosebumps myself....I live in Georgia and Chick fila is a practically a food group. When my kids are away from home at a camp or vacation, that is the first place we all want to go! We are pretty much addicted to their sweet tea. Your #8 was really great...we live near Fort Benning and have many military friends that feel like family.

  13. Love Chick Fila!!!! It's amazing stuff.

    Your random thought was very touching. My first husband was military and I can identify with every statement given. It's a hard life but one of great pride.

  14. The Military Man's Promise is just beautiful - thank you for sharing it. I NEED to forward that on to friends who are married to people in the forces...

    PS: Found you via the Hodgepodge link up!


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