Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wed-nes-day Hodgepodge

How many of you still sometimes say wed-nes-day that way when you are spelling it? I do.

1. Do you send Christmas cards? If so about how many will you send this year? How do you display the cards you receive? Or don't you? (gasp!)

Yes! I love sending and receiving cards. I tend to go the traditional card route with a picture and a letter enclosed. I will probably send about 150 depending on when I have spent my budget. I love displaying the cards that we receive however I have a hard time with how. I just haven't found a way that is perfect to me.

2. When do kids become adults?

Legally at 18, historically at 13-15 (scary to think about now isn't it?) in a mothers eyes never.

3. Does your 'beauty regimen' change with the seasons?

Yes and no. Bwahahaha I love ambiguous answers. I have horrid skin, it seems to be breaking out more as I get older not less. So I have been changing to a new "solution" about every 4-6 months, which is pretty much with the seasons. I just started a new one that is cleansing with oil. I actually love it so far. I can't say that it is working any better or worse than any of the other 57 (yes I've counted) things I've tried but for some reason I feel better about it than I have in a while.

4. What's something you like to eat that might cause another person to turn up their nose?

On a regular basis? V8, or grits. At Christmas I crave vienna sausages, microwaved and put on warm rolls. Really strange considering I am not a fan of hotdogs or any other chopped and packed meat. But it's what we ate every Christmas morning when we had Christmas with my Dad's family. So I think about it a lot this time of year,

5. Gloves or mittens?

Neither. I hate them both, if I HAVE to pick it would be gloves. But I don't need them here in the desert and I barely used them in the snowy skiing type town I grew up in.
6. What's the longest queue you've ever been in? Was it worth it? Queue=line but doesn't queue sound nicer?

I love the word queue. I miss hearing it. Other than the fact that it was at 2:00 in the morning I actually enjoyed the line I waited in in Kohl's on Black Friday. The people around us were nice and fun and it made the hour long wait seem much better.

7. Besides Christmas, what is one thing you are looking forward to in the month of December?

Seeing my family. As a military family I rarely have the chance to attend large family gatherings and this year I will get to see a lot of cousins who I haven't seen in a while. Some just a few years, one family more than 12.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Two things, one was that I spent the month of November starting each day with something I was thankful for and posting it on Facebook. It was an amazing experiment, it really helped me to start each day out on the right note by looking at my blessings instead of the issues I anticipated. It was awesome.

The second is, I have started another blog dedicated to the interesting things that my kids say, I have started adding things from other kids, it's cute and funny, and since I'm being honest sometimes a little shocking. Feel free to head over there for a giggle and also to submit any kid-ism's you may have, the more the merrier.

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