Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random Thought Thursday

As I was reading through my weekly Hodgepodge responses from the opther people who participate, I came across this quiz for finding your "seperated at birth" celebrity twin. It was actually kind of fun. Here is my answer. What do you think? Is it me?

Your Results
Your separated-at-birth celebrity twin is: Sandra Bullock
All-American girl next door? Yep, that's Bullock -- and you. It's impossible for people not to smile around either of you -- your positive attitude is that contagious. We're also willing to bet that, like Bullock, you were a cheerleader in high school.

Even though you may have waved pom-poms, you're no prissy girly girl. You can hang with the guys, drink beer and get dirty when you want to -- but you're no stranger to high heels and lipstick either. This combo basically makes you every guys' dream girl (even if, like Bullock, you're not always lucky in love).

To channel your inner Bullock: Try a look that's dressy but not too fussy. Bullock always looks put together but still keeps an element of fun. A slightly messy updo paired with a cute dress and polished makeup (don't forget the lipgloss for that mega smile you have) are perfect. Check out some of her best looks here.

Weird thing you didn't know about Bullock: She loves horses but is terribly allergic to them.

Did you want to try and take the quiz for you? Here's the Link. Let me know who you got in the comments!

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