Sunday, December 2, 2012

Alarm Clocks...Pinterest... and other Random thoughts.

Well, it's Sunday night, the last night of the weekend, usually the day when I am sitting here thinking that I have enjoyed my few days off and really don't want to hear my alarm go off at 5 tomorrow morning.
 I mean seriously sleeping in is awesome. 

This weekend, not so much. My alarm didn't change I got up at 5 each morning anyway. It was busy, good but busy. The preschool that I work at had our first (hopefully the first of many) holiday bazaar this weekend. It was a lot of work, and I was not even the one in charge of it. But, it was a success, which is awesome. We met our fundraising goal, had happy vendors, and got the name of the preschool and the church out there around town.
What does this have to do with pinterest? Well a room full of home crafters tends to put me in a crafty mood. I don't know about you, but I like to look at the things that they do and try to figure out if I could do them. So I came home and in my exhaustion took to pinterest for some ideas on what to make.
Then I look at my boards, really looked, and realized that I have pinned a zillion things, ok the actual count is 4,357, but seriously, that's a lot. Maybe it's time for me to start looking through the projects I already have pinned and actually DO them. I know it's a novel concept, getting off pinterest long enough to make something, but I think it might be time to give it a go.
I have made a lot of the recipes and have found some new family favorites that way. But it's time to branch out and open up my "Stuff to make" board and make it. (I feel like I need dramatic music playing during that last statement) So stay tuned for my creations.... LOL and you might want to be just a little scared.... just a little.

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