Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jammin' Workout June

Without Further Ado. I would like to present the July Workout Challenge. I am really excited about this one because I feel like it offers people more options for personalization than ever before. Here is a quick look at the calender, please save it, share it, or whatever, but also please link back to me or give credit when you share.

This calender is designed to be used one of three ways.

   1) You can just do what is on the day as written for a quick addition to a current workout routine
   2) You can repeat the routine for each day as written 3 times for a full strength workout.
   3) You can add in the cardiovascular option listed at the bottom in between your strength exercises for a cross-training effect. And do that 1-3 times for your desired workout. For example if you were to do the cardio option on the 2nd you would do
       15 Plie Squats
       25 Jumping Jacks
       15 Reverse Lunges
       25 High Knees
       15 Mule Kicks
       5 Burpees
       20 Calf Raises
       25 Mountain Climbers
       10 Jump Squats
If you would like to join our support and reminder group on Facebook please follow this link. I have some amazing help from Ali Mc who has the blog Running With Spatulas making the instruction videos and admin-ing the group while I was moving last month.


  1. Will you have an explanation/description of some of the moves like bear hugs?

    1. Yes, They will be in the facebook group. I hope to have video if I can fix the sound issues I'm having.

  2. Thank you. I will share that. I have some ladies interested in joining you!


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