Monday, June 18, 2012

Back again! Finally!

After an whole entire month and a week without internet I am finally back up and running! WooHoo! I am seriously excited, I have missed being able to actually sit down at a real computer and type with a keyboard rather than having to do things from my SmartPhone. I get so frustrated with those little itty-bitty things. And yes I realize that somehow that probably makes me sound a lot older than I am. Oh well. So be it.

The move went really well, or as well as any move with the military can go and we are getting settled in nicely in our new location. I am loving being able to live somewhere with actual weather and a decided lack of gambling. I am not loving all of the in-house wildlife that I am encountering however. The sheer variety of insects here is daunting. Also we apparently have at least one mouse in the house, so as soon as all of the people finish setting up the satellite today I will be heading to the store to get the stuff to kill that problem off.

I will start taking pictures again soon to post for you all to see, how we are getting things all set up and organized, don't worry I won't post any pictures of any mice I am lucky enough to kill.

Now comes the job search, The husband is off to work and the girls are off with family, so I really have no reason not to jump into this search with both feet.... other than the fact that I am petrified to death. I have been a stay-at-home Mom for almost 7 years now, so the whole idea of getting out there and going back to work is a little daunting. Not to mention that I hate being judged and really, what is a job interview other than asking someone to judge you. So that just stresses me out. Anyway, wish me luck.

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