Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q - is for Quitting

Well as I was thinking about what I wanted to bring up for the letter Q I had a lot of ideas. I do want to get back into more recipes and cooking tips so I thought about doing another quinoa recipe. But since we are currently on vacation I really don't have the ability to experament with recipes.

So I started thinking about the Q words that I could talk about. Was there anything that had been rolling around in my mind that fit with my letter and I finally came up with it. Q is for quitting.

This post sort if rolls into the same idea category as the N for new things post. I know that everyone has something that they need to quit doing. A habit that they need to break. So the challenge from this post that I give to me and to you is to go through with it and quit. Whaever that one thing is that every time you do it you think "I really need to stop" well just quit. Stop putting it off and making excuses and quit.


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