Thursday, April 21, 2011

R - is for Recipes

I have a problem. It isn't a big problem but it is a problem. I have a recipe book addiction. Any time I see a cook book I feel like I have to pick it up and look at every single page to find all sorts of cooking ideas. I love cookbooks. I will spend hours reading and re-reading every cook book that I can get my hands on. I mark recipes and copy down recipes that I want to try. Sometimes I don't get to try everything but it is still fun to look.

So as soon as I get back home from this vacation and the A-Z blogging challenge finishes I will be rolling out with some new Diva Days of the week. Including a recipe day, cleaning tip day, fitness day and more. I am so looking forward to making these changes and sharing them with you. In preperation for that I will keep looking through the cook books and get the ideas brewing. If you would like to share any recipes, tips or suggestions please let me know.

- DD

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  1. i love recipes and cookbooks too! i've been trying to actually use the recipes that i have though. it's tough! visiting via the a to z challenge.


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