Friday, October 7, 2011

Family Fun Friday!!! Camping Edition

I am so excited .We are taking a family and friends camping trip this weekend. We are going with three other families that live in our neighborhood, well actually we almost all live on the same tiny cul-de-sac. Preparing for this trip has been interesting. DH and I haven't been camping together except for once on an ITT trip that he had to drive for when we were in England. I love to camp but DH says that he camps out enough when he is deployed he doesn't want to do it while he is home. So I think I am more excited than the girlies, which is hard, because they are thrilled.

The prep for this has been funny, DH's packing list is this; sleeping bag, baby wipes, MRE's, underwear. That's all he thinks we will need. I have added; tent, hot dogs and s'mores, some pre-made snacks, change of clothes, flashlights, cooking stove, WATER.... LOL. No wonder he doesn't ever want to go camping. If we camped his way it would be seriously roughing it.

Because of some other stuff that came up this week I didn't get to pre-make anything so I am rushing around today packing, baking, and doing the last minute shopping. Hopefully I don't forget anything, but I have my handy dandy packing list. Gotta love preparation by list.

Have a fabulous weekend, I can't wait to share my pictures with you come Monday.


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  1. Have a fun trip.. THanks for stopping by the other day.. Thanks for the nice thoughts.. Have a great weekend..


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