Monday, March 21, 2011

Moderation, Schmoderation

I have totally fallen off the healthy habits train in the last 2 months. For some reason in my brain being banned from exercise gave me permission to eat horrible food in excess. That makes absolutely no sense at all. In reality I should have been eating healthier to keep myself as healthy as possible instead of just taking a hop skip and a jump off to the other side. Oh well. There isn't a whole lot that I can do now to fix it, I just need to get back into the good habits I had before.

So today, no biscuits and gravy for breakfast, no welsh rabbit, and no pastry. I'll be drinking my tea and having my whole grain english muffin with scrambled eggs. Also amazingly tasty and way healthier. I will also be starting my exercise routine up again, well most of it, I still have to wait until I see the Dr later this week to start doing abs and high impact aerobic stuff.

Wish me luck, it is so much easier to break a good habit than a bad habit. I have a feeling getting back on the healthy eating train will take a lot more work than jumping off was.

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