Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thoughtful Weekend

This weekend was a very busy one, and it made me think, a lot. It made me realize how very blessed I was to grow up in the family that I did and how good I had it to be surrounded by women who taught me how to be a good woman and who built me up and gave me the tools to have a wonderful sense of self-worth.

My female neighbors and I had one goal this weekend. To show a beautiful young woman how very special she is and how much she is loved. This girl has a Mom who doesn't appreciate her for all of the amazing things that she is and who spends her time tearing her daughter down by insulting her. It breaks my heart. This girl (I'll call Ann) is beautiful, incredibly smart, amazing at any sport you put in front of her. She is thoughtful and kind to everyone she meets and has a heart as big and the sky. I can't imagine not loving her or telling her this. Her Mom only doesn't tell her this she tells her the exact opposite. I wonder how any mother can treat her daughter the way that she does.

So Saturday was all about Ann, we took her to lunch, got our nails done and went to the mall. We talked about what was important to her, we told her how much we loved her, we laughed with her and hugged her. It was a perfect day. The most amazing thing about doing things for Ann is that I always feel so fulfilled after I do. I feel happier every time she smiles and I carry that feeling around for days. I hope that the love that we show her starts to make its way into the inner parts of her heart that has been so injured by her Mom and that slowly she will start to see herself the same way that we all see her.

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