Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spiritual Sunday

Today we went to church but the story is oh so much more complicated than that. So of course I'll share, I do so love sharing. :-)

It all starts last night when AJ was WIDE AWAKE at 11pm, thank you afternoon nap. There is a reason why I have banned my 5 year old from taking afternoon naps, when she sleeps in the afternoon she wakes up way grumpy and then never goes to bed.

DH was up half the night getting sick with what the girls have had for the last three weeks. So when we woke up this morning there was a lot of doubt that we were going to church at all. DH went to the ER because he was having a really hard time breathing.

Well AJ woke up on time, and the ER was super fast (just a virus, wait it out, etc) so DH texted as he was leaving and said be ready to go in 10 min. When he sent this message we were all still in jammies, the girls had eaten but I hadn't. He wanted to go to the early service that we usually don't get to. So Super Mom kicked into high gear. I got both girls dressed, myself dressed and foundation done before he walking in the door. I got the girls hair done in 2 min flat (for both of them) And ran out the door. I finished my make-up in the car and we made it to church with exactly 30 seconds to spare!

As I was walking into the sanctuary the Pastor stopped me and asked if DH and I would like to officially join the church during the service. They had a group of people joining and he knew that we were interested so asked us to join them. I was SO glad that I had taken my make-up bag in the car with me, nothing like standing in front of 200 people half ready for the day.

The sermon was very good, and incredibly informative, Pastor D is going through the 7 days between Palm Sunday and Easter one day per Sunday for the season of Lent, it has been great so far.

So that's my story about Spiritual Sunday, we went to church, but let me tell you that was a huge accomplishment.

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