Friday, March 18, 2011

Rockstar, Kite, Picture Day

Well, today is a very busy day full of fun for AJ. This week at school has been Reading Week, with the theme Reading Rocks. So she has had a specific task to complete every day this week, kind of like the Diva Days, and has loved every minute of it.

Today however was a day that seemed to be a little bit of bad planning on the schools part. Not at first, but as I started writing things on the calender I noticed that today was getting a little too full. The theme for today was Rockstar Day, where the kids get to dress as their favorite Rockstar (within dress code) including hair and makeup. Ahhhhh to any 5 year old girls getting to wear makeup to school is comparable to getting to take the car when you are a teen. Then we got another notice, today is Kite Day! For the last 30-45 minutes of school the kids will be going outside to fly kites. Parents are encouraged to come and play. How fun! A little much on one day when they are already going to be hyped up from the Rockstar clothes but doable. And then the final notice came. Spring picture day will be held on March 18th. No biggie. But as I walked to the calender to put the entry on I noticed that March 18th was already a little full. Oops. Big Oops. So now we will have a school picture of my beautiful AJ in her Hannah Montana outfit with sparkly makeup on, she'll love it. And I'll deal. Gotta love thoughtful scheduling.

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