Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Write it out Wednesday

I am so excited to do this day of the week! I love pretty stationary, stamps and real mail. I am hoping that some of the people that I send things to feel the same way. There is something really exciting about opening your mail box and seeing an envelope with your name hand written on it. I have already planned out how I will be choosing who I send a note/letter to each week, at least to start out. I also have decided that I will not limit myself to one letter a week. If I get replies to my notes I'll write back as soon as possible.

This week I started without any cool stuff, no beautiful paper that is a design that will make people think of me when they see it, but give me a while and I will have this down. Now all I need is a beautiful antique writing desk to go with my new venture. :-)

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