Monday, April 4, 2011

C - Is for Challenge

I think I may have over committed myself in the last few weeks to this. I love the whole process of blogging and sharing, but when I sat down yesterday and actually looked at my blogging schedule, Holy Cow. I am currently doing the April A-Z challenge which will require a new post a day for the entire month. I have joined in with the Hodgepodge Wednesday which is so much fun to answer and to read all of the answers that the other participants give. I also started a challenge to myself with the Diva Days of the Week, which gives me a task for every day.

So now I wonder where I am supposed to find time to blog about what it is that I started this blog to talk about. I don't want to lose site of the goals that I started this whole blogging experience with. I started this to share some of what I am as a housewife, military spouse and mother. Participating in the challenges will help me to become a better and more consistent blogger, but I need to find a way to do it that doesn't depart from my purpose.

So starting tomorrow with Take a Picture Tuesday, and letter D I will find a way to incorporate all of my challenges not only together with each other but also in a way that stays within the frame work of talking about what makes me who I am, and shares how I succeed and how I fail on a daily basis. Also how these things help me to grow and become a better person.


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  1. I'm doing the A-Z challenge as well and I think on Wednesdays I'm going to put my 'letter post' into the Hodgepodge as my random thought. I was feeling overwhelmed thinking about two big posts in a single day, not to mention the rest of the weeks posts for the challenge. I normally never blog on Saturdays.


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