Thursday, April 7, 2011

F - F is for.... umm it's for....

Forgive me. I have no idea what I want to type about that starts with F. I can think of plenty of things that start with F, just none that are screaming out to me to be blogged about. Flowers, Food, Fitness, Friends, Frenzy, Fingers, Flying, Football.... see lots of ideas, just no incredible content to go with any of those ideas. I have already used all of my Fitness material this week, Flowers are so not my skill, Friends is something that seems a little to broad and a little to personal. The last four (see another F word) are reaching, pretty badly if you ask me. So I guess that leaves Food.

I am going to do today's blog in the form of some questions, hopefully to get some feedback from the people who come and visit me. Nothing too strenuous, just two questions.

1) What is your favorite healthy food?

2) What's your favorite unhealthy food?

For me the answer is,
1) Spinach, I eat a lot of spinach in a million different ways. Cooked into things, blended into my morning smoothie, as a base for every type of salad. I love Spinach Caesar salad.

2) Cheese, in every single form, cheap or expensive, hard or soft, cold, room temperature or melted, cow, goat or sheep. It doesn't matter, if it's cheese I will probably love it.

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  1. Mmmm! Cheese! I feel the same way as you do about cheese! P.S. Miss you!


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