Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D ~ Is for Domestic Diva.

LOL, I know that this blog is sort of cheating. But I'm going to use the D today to re-introduce myself since I have some new readers and to talk again about what it is I am trying to do here and why. So if you know me or have been a long time reader bear with me, and if you are new, enjoy!

My name is DD, well sort of. I have a first name that is rare and somehow unpronounceable. Which is strange since it is 6 letters and pronounced absolutely phonetically. But whatever, after spending a lifetime correcting people when they say my name I have learned to accept that nicknames make things easier. I do love my name though, it's pretty, unique and suits me.

I am currently a housewife, stay at home Mom, CEO of domestic affairs or whatever it is that you want to call it. Before I became a sahm (stay at home mom) I had done a lot of different jobs from retail, fast food, banking of sorts, to nannying. I did finish my degree in History and Social Studies Education for Secondary, however once I finished my student teaching I did not ever start to teach. It wasn't because I was bad at it, I moved overseas and honestly, I didn't try that hard to start teaching.

I am married to DH who is in the Air Force. He has been in for 11 years this week, sometimes those years go really fast and sometimes they crawl. He currently works with a RED HORSE unit so deployments are a part of our life. I was figuring it yesterday, and he will miss our wedding anniversary and one or both of the girls birthdays for at least 3 years running, possibly more if we don't get re stationed. Hmmmm. My husband is an amazing man and a great helper. He absolutely does not think that just because I stay at home I should do everything. He cooks, cleans and cares for the kids when and as he can, which is a huge blessing to me.

DH and I have two little girls, AJ is 5 and P-nut is 3. Not to brag but I think that they are both amazing wonderful children. I won't gush about them too much because I think that can sometimes come across as a little to competitive Mom and I don't want to do that. They are both great though. AJ is in Kindergarten this year and P-nut is at home with me full time.

The goal of this blog is to write about the ways that I have learned to make my life run more smoothly. Cleaning and organizing tips, recipes, exercise, whatever I learn that I think people will benefit from my sharing I will share. So that's about it, that's me, my family and my purpose in a nutshell.


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