Monday, May 2, 2011

Z - is for Zumba

Ok, so those of you who know me in real life could probably guess what I was going to do my post for Z on. I love Zumba, I just recently discovered it and it is by far my favorite workout. There are two reasons that I love Zumba, well there are a million but two are the most important. The first reason that I love Zumba is that it is fun. Really fun. I don't know how many people can say that about their cardio. I can go to Zumba in a horrible mood and I always come out happier and smiling, I definitely can't say that about jogging. The second reason is that it works. The amount of calories burned in an hour of Zumba is more than I have burned in any other cardio I have done, except maybe the P90X. Also the strength in my abs and legs has gone up a huge amount.

So why am I writing about Zumba? To tell you to try it. In a class, with a video, on a gaming system. While my personal preference is in a class, do whatever works best for you, I promise that you won't regret it.

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