Monday, April 11, 2011

I - is for Inconvenience on the Interstate.

This weekend was AMAZING, it was so much fun! AJ and I went to my home town for a ladies tea with a group of my female family members. P-nut stayed home and had a weekend with Daddy. The tea was so well done and I had a great time.

As AJ and I got ready to head home on Sunday we heard about a HUGE accident that had the Interstate shut down, for HOURS. I cannot imagine how bad the accident must have been and I pray for all of the families and people that were involved in that. My brother drove past it in the opposite direction and said that it was miles of over turned semi-trucks. The interstate was actually backed up from the accident all the way to my home town, that was a 40 mile traffic jam.

For those of you, like DH, who are not from the Western United States, closing the interstate is more than a minor inconvenience. There really isn't another way to go. In order to go around the accident, closure, and traffic jam I would have had to drive an extra 5 hours (on a trip that should be 3.5 hours) DH kept asking me why there wasn't a frontage road or state road to divert traffic to, nothing. So while this closure was inconvenient for me I felt for all of the truckers who were stuck for the 15+ hours waiting, especially the ones who are penalized for being behind schedule.

A link to an article about the accident

AJ and I got on the road first thing this morning and made it home almost in time to have her go to school for the whole school day. As it was she only missed the first 30 minutes which I don't think is too bad at all for leaving 18 hours later than planned.

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