Saturday, April 16, 2011

N - is for New Things

The concept of trying something new is hard, it really is. In my experience people like to say that they love new things, but really they have a hard time trying them. So today my post is going to list a few things that my family and I have tried recently that have turned out awesome, and also to issue you a challenge to try something new that you have been avoiding.

1) Asparagus - I love asparagus, and I eat it all the time but I never could get anyone in my family to eat it with me. About 3 weeks ago there was an amazing sale on asparagus at the commissary so I stocked up. The girls thought about sharing a few times (I had roasted asparagus for 5 nights in a row) and then the last night they each tried a piece. They LOVED it, in fact they liked it so much that I didn't get to eat any that night.

2) Zumba - This is a little old for me but I really wanted to share how happy I am that I tried this. I have been hearing about Zumba and being encouraged to go for almost a year. I kept putting it off with my normal "I can't dance, I have no coordination" arguments. Well I finally went right before Christmas and not only did I manage to make it through without falling on my face, or the other end, I love it. I love that it is an amazing cardio workout that is fun! I will not ever go back to only doing the treadmill or the elliptical. I still use those machines on occasion, but it is no longer  a staple of my workout.

3) Spinning - DH tried this one a few weeks ago, and he had the same reaction to it that I had to Zumba, well in his stoic male sort of way. It was nice for him to have an option that broke the run, push-up, sit-up mold that the military had drilled into his head.

4) Water - This one is the girlies again. My girls have insisted since they could make an opinion known that they hate water. They would leave a cup untouched for days, even if they were thirsty. So for years I have been mixing one part juice and 3 parts water for them. About a month ago we put a 5 gallon water filter in the fridge that they can use to serve themselves and low and behold they now drink water all day. I have actually had one bottle of juice in the fridge for 3 weeks, that has never happened before. I guess I just needed to make it fun!

So think about it, is there something that you have dismissed without even trying it? Go and try it, you never know you might find out that it isn't as horrible as you think, it might even become a new favorite.

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  1. Well, I'm trying to learn to play the piano and I'm turning 62 this month. Wanted to learn to play since I was 8. Does that count? Found you thru the a-z challenge. Hi.


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