Tuesday, April 12, 2011

J - Is for Journey

We have another trip coming up, it seems like April is our month to travel. We will be headed across the country to spend time with DH's family and see our new niece. I am really excited for this trip, not only because I enjoy spending time with my husbands family and friends but also because I know that both of us need a recharge.

When it comes to getting ready for a trip I am a firm believer in planning ahead. I have found that taking your time in the week leading up to your departure and really packing and planning thoughtfully makes the trip much easier and more enjoyable.

I will be using the letters this week to talk about the steps that I take to help myself prepare for a trip. Today's letter is J for the Journey. The first step in planning a successful trip is deciding how you will get there and getting any necessary reservations made. Will you drive? Fly? Take a train? If you will be going by plane or train how will you get to the airport/station? What will you do for transportation once you get to your destination? Generally the further in advance you can buy your tickets the better rate you will get. If you plan on driving look for a good selection of hotels along the way and either predetermine your stopping points and make reservations, or have enough hotel names along the way that if your first choice is full you have other options.

Happy traveling!


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