Thursday, April 14, 2011

L ~ is for Lists

I love lists. They make my life so wonderful. I make lists for everything. Grocery Lists, meal lists, to do lists, packing lists, wish lists, everything. It's great.

I didn't used to make lists, I used to think that the people who made lists were stogy and over organized. Once I had kids I realized that lists are not a sign of being anal retentive, but a sign of desperation. Lists keep you from forgetting things. Which is really important once your kids suck all of the brains you once had out through your ears. (Here's the proof, not that I needed it)

So what do lists have to do with the travel theme that I have going on this week? I make lists of every single thing that I pack in each suitcase, especially for the kids. This is helpful at both the beginning and at the end of the trip. At the beginning I use it to make sure I don't forget anything. If my list doesn't say underwear I know that I have a problem. When it comes to the end of the trip the list serves the same purpose, am I packing everything I brought to take home? It would be a tragedy if I left the Barbie shirt at Nana's house, the list helps me to avoid the problem. It also make sure I remember things like phone chargers, shampoo and books.

So the next time you travel, with kids or without, try making a list and see if it doesn't help to make you trip a lot smoother.


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  1. i like lists too. i try to do mental lists but it's much easier to write the stuff down and then just cross it off!


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