Monday, April 25, 2011

T - is for Traveling a Recap

Well we are home, mostly unpacked and getting the girls calmed down. It was an interesting trip, good and bad interesting.

I was successful in my goal of calm and easy airport trips, the girls did an amazing job getting through the airport both times, including the red eye flight that we took. They really are great little travelers. The only bad thing that happened was that at the end of one very bumpy flight in a very small plane AJ got air sick. The good part about it was that it happened as we were landing at our destination, so it was over quickly.

We did an amazing job with packing. I didn't forget anything that we needed, and I don't feel like I over packed (too much). We made it home with everything that we took and only forgot one gift which is also amazing. We did everything in carry-ons for the plane so that we didn't have to pay that ridiculous baggage fee and I was proud that we weren't one of "those people" who have a carry on that is so big that it can't fit into the bin without help from three people squishing it, and a body builder to lift it.

The time with family and friends was, as it always is, a blessing. While the trip wasn't long we did get to spend some special time with everyone that was home and available to us and that was great. We did a lot of fun things and had a lot of laughs. Also there was a lot of relaxation which was amazing. DH and I were both getting to the point where we needed a few days off.

The only huge glaring fail of the entire week was my food intake. I didn't just forget healthy eating every once in a while, I dove off the healthy eating train head first into the fast food. Yikes. I won't go into detail about my fall from good food, but I will give you one statistic that will illustrate my point. In 9 days I gained 7 lbs. Double Yikes. So now that we are home it is time to get that under control.

So that's it, the recap of Spring Break 2011. All in all I would say that the trip was a huge success. We loved our time over there!


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