Monday, April 25, 2011

U - is for Unmotivated

Although I am not feeling this way today, thank goodness, I actually feel this way a lot of the time though. I have these lists of things that I need to be doing, but all that I want to do is sit and watch the Cooking Channel or play a game on Facebook. I often sit there and wonder what it is that makes me feel like that is more important or me interesting than living my real life.

I gave up Facebook games for lent. I am pretty sure that I shared that already. After the first few days of feeling like I needed to be playing them, I found that I didn't miss them at all. Now at the end of the season of lent I find that I really don't want to restart any of them. It is amazing how much more motivated I am to live my own life when I remove that addiction from it. So I have tripled my motivation to do things in my home and with my family by removing one of my excuses to keep being unmotivated.

After seeing what a big difference it made in my day to day life I will keep looking for other things that I use as an excuse to be unmotivated. If it is something that I can fix as easily as I did with the games than I will do it. I challenge all of you to look at the things that you use as a reason to avoid doing the things that you need to be doing. Are they something that you can remove from your life? What is it that makes you unmotivated? Take it away, I promise that it will make your days more enjoyable.

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